Wednesday, July 11, 2012

IRS Inspector General Report Faults EO Complaint Follow-Up

A recent report by the IRS Inspector General found that while the IRS is doing a better job of acknowledging receipt of complaints about EO violations, there are issues with internal controls and tracking of such complaints.   For example, the report found that the IRS couldn't find records of about a quarter of the complaints (31 of 120 cases surveyed from October 1, 2009 through June 17, 2011) and wasn't keeping information updated in its tracking database in a number of other cases.  The report recommended improving internal tracking and review procedures for complaints.

I hope the IRS updates its procedures soon - presidential election years are always high-volume complaint times, and in the wake of Citizens United, this one promises to be a doozy, with (c)(4)'s outspending PACs in the political arena, and some church officials trampling the rules regarding political campaign intervention (e.g., Bishop Jenky of Peoria).  


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