Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Water Park as an Exempt Religious Organization?

I always tell my students in my basic income tax class that I usually forge exam problems from stuff I read in the press, because I can't possibly make up stuff as good as what I read.

And so it is today. Hot on the heels of my post yesterday regarding the definition of a religious organization comes a story in the Milwaukee newspaper that the local Jewish Community Center (JCC) is seeking tax exemption for a family water park. According to the story,

In a legal brief, the JCC noted that what appears to be purely recreational activity "has religious and community-building purposes." At the park, members observe Shabbat, attend kosher barbecues and Jewish holiday events, and play Israeli games. All of the signs in the facility are in English and Hebrew.

<Sigh> OK - so maybe not exactly a claim that the water park is a religious organization, but close. On the other hand, JCC does appear to have raised one interesting issue: why should a YMCA be tax-exempt under Wisconsin law, but not a family water park? Why, indeed . . .


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