Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NYT's "Room for Debate" - Should Churches Remain Tax-Exempt?

With particular relevance during this election season, the New York Times hosted another online "Room for Debate" entitled, "Should Churches Get Tax Breaks?"  This debate is composed of 5 pieces written by 6 persons (one is co-written) of differing backgrounds and viewpoints.  For those of us in legal academia, this can serve as a great platform for an interesting class discussion on the policy behind the tax exemption.  The five submissions are:

1.    Mark L. Rienzi, "Good for Religion, Good for America"

2.    Dan Barker, "Government Is Endorsing Religion"

3.    Winnie Varghese, "Sustaining Progressive Faith"

4.    Lawrence Sager & Christopher L. Eisgruber, "Don't Play Favorites"

5.    Susan Jacoby, "Equal Protection vs. 'Religious Freedom'"

Hat tip:  Nonprofit Quarterly



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