Friday, February 3, 2012

I'll Take Potpourri for $1,000, Alex

Happy Friday!  To end the week, just a few notes on various items:

  • This follow-up article on the collapse of Hull House highlights the government funding issue, as well as the crucial importance of strategic planning and strong board/staff relationships.  One of the things I found most interesting is the discussion about the "corporate" culture of the board and how it didn't understand the nonprofit world.   While in general it may be that many nonprofits could use some more discipline in their governance, can being "corporate" go too far?
  • Legislation proposing the "Buffett Rule" was introduced today, containing special provisions for the chartiable deduction.  I've not parsed my way through it entirely yet (a weekend project maybe...) but you can find the text of the legislation here.
  • Some of you may have been following the decision of the Susan G. Koman Foundation to pull funding from Planned Parenthood for the stated reason that Planned Parenthood was under Federal investigation.  It is currently subject to a request for information by a member of the oversight subcommittee of the House committee on Energy and Commerce - see the request for information here.   Apparently, as of today, that decision may have been reversed, stating that Komen's grant due diligence criteria would only cover investigations that were criminal and not political (have fun defining that one...).   Without getting into the sensitive topic of funding for women's heath, I do think this case merits a look at the procedural issue surrounding Congressional investigations and when does an inquiry constitute an investigation that should be problematic for grant due diligence purposes.   
  • Congrats to our own Susan Gary, who had an article pubished recently on the Model Protection of Charitable Assets Act in the Taxation of Exempts.  (23 Taxation of Exempts No. 4, 26 (Jan/Feb. 2012) -sorry, no link as I believe its subscription only).

On a personal note, I've enjoyed my first week of blogging very much and am so grateful to be on board.  Please do send me comments and thoughts on anything I've written (such as Hey, Elaine, is "nerd rage" really a verb?) as I'd love the feedback.


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