Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Singapore Issues a Revised "Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of a Public Character"

The Singapore Charity Council has issued a revised  Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of Public Concern available for downloand here:(Download Code_of_Governance_for_Charities_&_IPCs_(2011)[2])  The revised Code replaces the previous code that became effective in November 2007 andn is effective April 1, 2011.  From the introduction:


 Charities are community organisations that work for public benefit. They are encouraged to applythe principles and practices of governance and management listed in this Code of Governance. Governance is important because it affects how a charity is run and the services that the organisation provides. The Board of a charity is responsible for putting in place the principles and practices of good governance in the organisation. The Code also helps charities to be more effective, transparent and accountable to their stakeholders.  Members of the public donate and volunteer services to charities. This Code aims to help the public understand what good governance is and to make an informed decision on which charity to support.

And here is the preamble:


1. Charities differ greatly in size, activity and circumstances. Not all Code guidelines will apply to every charity. But all charities should go through the entire Code and take the necessary action to improve their governance.

2. The Code was first introduced by the Charity Council in November 2007. To help charities apply the Code more effectively, the Charity Council held an exercise to refi ne the Code in 2010.  A Sub-Committee was formed, as well as three workgroups of representatives from charities/Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs), professional bodies, academia, auditors and grantmakers.  They proposed changes based on feedback and their experiences on the ground.

 3. This refined Code provides greater clarity and relevance about good governance to the charity sector. Charities are encouraged to refer to the related guides and templates on the Charity Council Website (www.charitycouncil.org.sg) to better understand the Code and how it could be applied.






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