Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oregon's Naughty, not Nice, List

Oregon's Attorney General recently posted a list titled "Oregon's 20 Worst Charities: 2011."  The charities on the list are those that spend most of their revenue on telemarketing or administrative work.  This is the third year the AG has posted a list, which represents an attempt by the Attorney General's office to educate consumers about charitable giving. The charity topping the list is Shiloh International Ministries, labeled the worst in 2010, too.  The charity raises money to provide medical necessities and moral support for needy children, but its financial filings show that 96.8% of the money spent by the nonprofit went towards management and fundraising.  The organization is based in California.  Number 2 on the list is a Florida organization, American Medical Research Organization, which spent 4.2% of its annual expenditures on its charitable purposes. The Attorney General's office posts Tips for Charitable Giving and uses the list to educate the public about careful philanthropy.

Charity Navigator gives Shiloh International Ministries zero stars and shows that 83.8% of expenditures in 2009 went to fundraising expenses and most of the rest went to salaries for three people.  Total expenditures in 2009 were $829,220, with revenues of $825,928.  Because the states cannot regulate fundraising by charities, the Attorneys General and sites like Charity Navigator try to educate the public about the uses made of charitable dollars.







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