Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prof. Roth in the Movies

Prof. Randall Roth (Hawaii) served as a consultant to the new George Clooney movie, The Descendants.  I haven't seen it yet, but watch for Roth's name in the credits.  Here's a story about opening night that explains a little about Prof. Roth's involvement.  And here's an interview Prof. Roth did.  Roth advised the movie makers about trust law, to keep the movie a little closer to reality.  Prof. Roth has long been a hero of mine for the great work he did with the Bishop Estate Trust.  If anyone has not yet read the book about the Bishop Estate, Broken Trust, do so!  It's a fascinating story of the history of the trust and all the legal mess that unfolded.

Hat tip to Evelyn Brody for sending me the links.


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