Friday, November 4, 2011

New Section 501(c)(4) Entity Formed in Part to Endorse Candidates Supporting Nonprofits

In New Group to Endorse Politicians Who Pledge to Strengthen Nonprofits, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that a Code section 501(c)(4) organization, called CForward, has been formed to educate political candidates about the contribution made by nonprofits to the economy through job creation and the resulting generation of payroll taxes.  The entity reportedly will also endorse political candidates who have concrete plans to strengthen nonprofits.  Says the story:

CForward—the brainchild of Robert Egger, president of D.C. Central Kitchen—seeks to turn the tens of millions of people who work or volunteer at nonprofits into a “powerful political force” that can reward politicians who include nonprofits in their economic strategies.  “It will allow candidates to see there’s an army being activated” that gives priority to that issue, Mr. Egger says.

For now, CForward is focusing on local elections, not the presidential campaign. It is asking supporters to identify candidates for governor or mayor who agree to appoint a person to work directly with nonprofits—for example, conducting economic analyses, making it easier for them to work with government, and promoting loan programs that can help them or their constituents open businesses so they can develop reliable sources of income.


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