Wednesday, November 9, 2011

David Levinson Has a Suggestion for Kim Kardashian

In an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, David Levinson, the founder and executive director of the charity Big Sunday, suggests that Kim Kardashian put her money-making talents to work for charity.  He suggests that she film the divorce, and give the proceeds to his charity, then re-marry and register on Charity Navigator instead of asking for wedding gifts.  He points out the challenges of fundraising these days.  He's "been trying to raise $5,000 to fix up the crumbling house of a veteran who did two tours in Iraq" and suggests that Kardashian could raise that amount by "letting us watch you call your lawyer."  The op-ed is humourous, of course, but it reminds us of the odd juxtaposition of the needs of so many people in our society with our celebrity culture - their wealth and our fascination with them.  And he's right about the power of celebrity status - I googled "charity" on the LA Times website and couldn't resist reading an article that popped up with Kim Kardashian in the title.  So after you read the amusing op-ed - and it is amusing - take a look at the Big Sunday website.  It looks like a great organization:  "building community through community service."


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