Monday, October 24, 2011

The White House and the NC 4th Sector Cluster Initiative

I have been out of the blogosphere for quite a while, so I hope readers will forgive a review of ancient history. 

For a couple of years I have been active with a group in my home state of North Carolina that calls itself the Fourth Sector Cluster Initiative.  It is comprised of social entrepreneurs from the business, government, and nonprofit sectors who intend to make North Carolina a nexus for the emerging Fourth Sector.  My involvement has been largely confined to discussing legal impediments under state and federal law to the flowering of the Fourth Sector.  If you look here, you can see a video of one of my typical rants against the Commerciality Doctrine.

Last June, the Cluster Initiative got face time with  White House officials when President Obama and his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness came to Durham, NC.  In a meeting with the Council, I had the privilege of explaining the work of Carolina Law's Community Development Law Clinic in a twenty-second burst.  Interestingly, I was warned by event organizers not to refer to the Fourth Sector as the "Social Enterprise Sector."  Why?  Because that term sounds too much like "socialism" and therefore might be attacked by Republicans.  I kid you not.

Later, I watched President Obama give a talk at Cree Industries in Durham.  From that experience, I learned two things.  First, our president is an extremely impressive extemporaneous speaker.  Second, it's not worth it to attend a presidential speech because afterwards you have to wait for an hour in the parking lot until the big man heads for the airport.


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