Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Democracy Now!

This morning's New York Times included a story on a grass-roots radio newscast called Democracy Now!  (Apparently they are on TV, too, but I've never seen them in that medium.)  This struck me as interesting because I have stumbled on to Democracy Now! radio broadcasts several times in recent months and was struck by the fact that a) their production values are much less slick than commercial radio and/or All Things Considered and the like, and b) the content is much harder hitting and much more interesting.  I have long been a NPR listener, but I have grown dismayed at how bland their reporting has become.  It seems obvious to me that most public radio has been cowed into submission political attacks, de-funding threats, and their increased need to rely on corporate sponsorship.  Democracy Now! is an independent nonprofit organization, which means that its producers "never have to worry about how an advertiser might feel . . .."  It's worth a listen.



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