Friday, August 19, 2011

NJ Proposes Taking Donor Designation to the Next Level

The NonProfit Times reports that the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is seeking public comments on a proposed rule that would require charities to inform donors that they can direct a soliciting charity to use the donor's contribution to fund a particular program if a solicitation by that charity names multiple programs as an inducement for the donor making the contribution in the first place.  The proposed rule would apply to organizations that received contributions of more than $250,000 in the previous fisal year.  According to the article, Errol Copilevitz of Copilevitz & Canter, a firm that specializes in charitable solicitation laws, has already objected to the proposal on the grounds that it unconstitutionally compels speech and fails to recognize that realistically some of the funds raised would need to be used to cover fundraising expenses.


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The proposal has been withdrawn after many comments pointing out its flaws were received by the Division of Community Affairs. Read more at the NJ Center for Non-Profits website.

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