Friday, January 7, 2011

Chronicle of Philanthropy: "The New Congress and Charities"

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on new Congress and its likely impact on nonrpfits.  Highlights include:

  • The 93 new House members may not know much about nonprofits - nonprofit advocates are already stepping in to try to educate this large freshman class.
  • As early House actions already suggest, the new Congress will ilkely cut back significantly on federal spending, particularly in the social services area, as the primary if not only means of addressing the federal deficit and debt.  Even with Democratic opposition, nonprofits therefore face an era of greater uncertainty about federal funding.
  • As another post today indicates, Senator Chuck Grassley still plans to stay on the Senate Finance Committee and keep an eye on tax-exempt organizations, even as he surrenders the senior Republican spot on that committee to Senator Orrin Hatch.  That said, Senator Grassley will have a reduced staff and budget for such oversight, while Senator Hatch may very well have other priorities.
  • Representative David Camp, new Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, has in the past supported greater tax incentives for charities, which may translate into such support in the new Congress.
  • Also on the House side, the House oversight committees and subcommittees may be taking a closer look at nonprofits that have, in the views of the new chairs of those committees, may have departed from their charitable or other nonprofit mission.

Interesting times for nonprofits in Washington.


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