Friday, November 19, 2010

U.S. Navy Veterans Association - An IRS Misstep?

As previously blogged, the U.S. Navy Veterans Association scandal continues to unfold.  Today, the St. Petersburg Times reports that an IRS audit of the organization's Connecticut chapter occurred two years ago and apparently missed that the association's founder, Lt. Commander Bobby Thompson, used both a stolen identity and impersonation of a Navy commander to create the charitable organization and solicit over $27.6 million in reported 2009 donations alone.  This summer, the IRS commenced a criminal investigation into the matter, raiding the home of an assistant.  Records reveal that the IRS audit was not attended by any of the Connecticut chapter's officers, but only by Commander Thompson.  Thompson and his attorneys met with the IRS in an office suit rented by the association in Washington, D.C., submitting the requested records.  After a full-day review, the IRS issued a "no-action" determination.  The Times article details the chronology of events from the organization's creation to the uncovering of its sham status.


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