Wednesday, November 10, 2010

St. Petersburg Times: "Florida Must Step Up to Clean Up Navy Veterans Mess"

Continuing its coverage of the unfolding U.S. Navy Veterans Association (yes, the group's website is still active) scandal (previously blogged about in April and June of this year), a St. Petersburg Times editorial highlights the fact that while Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray has launched a high-profile investigation of the group and successfully indicted its founder, the home state of the organization (Florida) has been less zealous in its pursuit.  According to the editorial, the Ohio investigation has found that not only was the group a "sham charity" and an "elaborate hoax," but also that the group and its founder may have been involved in election fraud by making political contributions in the names of people who do not exist.  Eight states other than Ohio, presumably including Florida, have also opened investigations but Ohio has been the most aggressive, including issuing a national warrant for its founder, who operated under a false identity ("Bobby Thompson") and has apparently disappeared.

For additional coverage, see the Washington Post.


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