Monday, November 22, 2010

Scientologist-Dentist and Scientology Entities Make Headlines

The Church of Scientology has provided no small contribution (through its status as a litigant) to nonprofit and federal income tax law textbooks.   Scientology is once again in the headlines on account of a lawsuit filed against a dentist, Dr. Rene Piedra.  Reportedly basing his business model on Scientology philosophies, Piedra allegedly charged high fees and then donated very large sums generated from his dental practice to Scientology-related entities.  According to an article in the St. Petersburg Times, from 2005 to 2008, court records show that the dentist’s practice “transferred $715,364 to several Scientology entities, including the church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater.”  The story continues:

Piedra's contributions helped land him in bankruptcy, owing $3.9 million to a long list of creditors. A lawsuit in Miami alleges that Scientology groups played a key role in his downfall.  Bankruptcy trustee Barry Mukamal contends Piedra schemed "to defraud patients in order to transfer large sums of money" to the Church of Scientology and related groups.  Involved, Mukamal alleges, were nine Scientology-related entities, three church members and a Pinellas County management training firm run by Scientologists. He sued them all, seeking to recover the thousands they got from Piedra.  Scientology denies any involvement.

The Church of Scientology reportedly is expected to enter into a settlement agreement, pursuant to which it would pay “$350,000 to make the case go away for the Scientology defendants,” on the condition that “the judge bar Piedra's creditors or other parties to the suit from suing the Scientology entities.”


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The cult of scientology usurped another professional's morals and life and destroyed them along with Dr. Rene Piedra's victims.

I am very certain there are 100's if not thousands of other Dentist's, chiropractors, veterinarians, accountants, who have also been duped and are implementing the Greed and Control that the Scientology belief system clandestinely and insidiously perpetrates into our civilization to the eventual corruption of good men and women.

There is no way that a judge should allow Scientology to any longer "shudder into silence" through manipulation of the Legal systems, media and human rights groups, citizens around the world, and prevent the exposure of their unconscionable Greed and Lust for power.

It is Evil by it's actions and results.

All should be alert to the corruptive influence of the master con-man L Ron Hubbard and his minions. If any group has LRH and his utterances within in it's propaganda, there is sure to be an underlying con-man motive. Caveat Emptor for sooner or later after your trust has been captured by sensible information, you will be slowly and surreptitiously be lead into evil.

Posted by: Ken | Nov 23, 2010 6:32:29 AM

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