Friday, November 5, 2010

NYT: "Donor Groups Find Success in Elections"

The NY Times reports, based on FEC records, that the American Future Fund (a section 501(c)(4) organization) was the most successful of groups that filed FEC reports, spending $8 million on 25 House and Senate races and having the candidate it supported winning in 76 percent or them.  Other successful groups were the Americans for Job Security (a section 501(c)(6) organization), at about two-thirds, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (also a 501(c)(6)), at about 60 percent, and American Crossroads (a section 527 organization) and Crossroads GPS (a 501(c)(4)), together at over 58 percent.  Not surprisingly, groups that tended to support Democratic candidates had much less success.  For more comprehensive information about nonprofit group spending in federal elections, see the Campaign Finance Institute's website.


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