Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nonprofit Execs Arrested for Theft

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the attorney general has charged Harriet Garrett and Yvette Gimenez with theft in connection with the Philadelphia welfare-to-work program called Creative Urban Educational Systems.  Both worked for the organization, and Garrett employed her husband and two of her daughters (Gimenez is the daughter of Garrett) at the organization.  The nonprofit received state and federal funds for its work.  Allegations against the Garrett include buying personal property (a motor vehicle), paying personal income taxes owed by her husband, overbilling for services, and double-billing for books.  Student complaints resulted in an investigation by the Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General and the report that office issued ultimately led to a grand jury investigation and the charges.  Allegations involve $220,000 of misappropriated funds.


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