Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Law and Society Conference Nonprofit Papers

A list of "Law, Society, and Taxation" papers relating to taxation that will be presented at the Law and Society Conference in Chicago this weekend includes the following relating to nonprofit organizations:

  • David Louk  (Yale/Berkeley)  "Unrelated Operations of Universities and Religious Organizations and Their Favorable Tax Treatment"

  • Shannon McCormack  (UC Davis)  "Deconstructing the Charitable Deduction: Devising a Workable Framework to Analyze Charitable Transfers"
  • Brian Galle  (Florida State/GW (and soon Boston College))  "Keep Charity Charitable"
  • Todd Henderson  (Chicago)  "Corporate Philanthropy and the Market for Altruism"
  • Benjamin Leff  (American)  "Tax Benefits for For-Profit Do-Gooders"
  • Shruti Rana  (Maryland)  "Micro-Innovation"
  • Roger Colinvaux  (Catholic)  "The Pension Protection Act of 2006: The Beginning or the End of Reform of the Tax Status of Charitable Organizations"
  • James Fishman  (Pace)  "Stealth Preemption:  The IRS’s Corporate Governance Initiative"
  • Terri Helge  (Texas Western)  "The Limitless Private Benefit Doctrine"
  • Richard Schmalbeck  (Duke)  "Differential Subsidies among Charities and Their Relation to Worthiness"


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