Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Conference of INGOs 2009 Activity Report

The Conference of International Nongovernmental Organizations (part of the Council of Europe) recently published its 2009 Activity Report at its Winter Session in Strasbourg.  The 18-page report reviews the Conference of INGOs’ work on the three main aspects of its activities: 1) promoting the Council of Europe’s fundamental values, 2) fostering civil society in Europe and 3) strengthening the political and institutional presence of the Conference of INGOs.  It details the work of five committees dedicated to specific themes: 1) The Civil Society and Democracy Committee, 2) The Culture, Science and Education Committee, 3) The Human Rights Committee, 4) The Social Cohesion and Eradication of Poverty Committee and 5) The Sustainable Territorial Development Committee.  One of the committee highlights was the Civil Society and Democracy Committee’s ongoing work to develop and revise a Code of Good Practice for Civil Participation in the Decision-making Process.

Finally, the report briefly discusses the work of two transversal Groups: 1) The Europe and Global Challenges Transversal Group and 2) The Gender Equality Transversal Group.  The Europe and Global Challenges Transversal Group was partially responsible for the Draft Co-operation Agreement between the Conference of INGOs and the North-South Centre that we blogged about on November 27th.


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