Friday, February 26, 2010

Barnes Foundation - a new movie and lots of comments

The New York Times reviewed "The Art of the Steal," a documentary about the Barnes Foundation.  The movie, which opens today in New York and Philadelphia, describes the controversy surrounding the move of the Barnes collection to a new museum being built in downtown Philadelphia.  As the title of the movie suggests, the former Barnes Foundation student who funded the project and the director have a point of view.

The movie will be of interest to those of us who have followed the Barnes saga for year.  Just as interesting are the posts to the NYT page with the review.  When I checked the page, there were already 56 posts - in favor of the move, against the move, in favor of following a donor's intent no matter what, in favor of allowing public access to a public commodity like art, blaming the neighborhood, blaming Lincoln University, and generally taking positions on all sides of the controversy. 


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