Saturday, January 16, 2010

Make Donations Carefully

With every disaster come scams - the efforts of a few bad-spirited folks to take advantage of the generous spirits of others.  A number of articles warn about making donations to Haiti relief efforts carefully.  A good article appeared today in the Chicago Tribune and lists a number of reminders.  A blog called Good Intentions Are Not Enough (An honest conversation about the impact of aid) provides excellent resources - advice and guidelines on giving from aid workers and links to a variety of sources of information.


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Thank you for your advice..
Predatory thinking in certain circles destroy so much.

We are asking for donations also - not for Haiti though, but all this scam make it more difficult.
Its not easy to find sponsors and people wanting to donate - and we need people to trust charities - and to put action behind all the good intentions.

Thanks again

Carrsten Johan Thessen
Secretary General

SocNetInt • Social Networking International
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Posted by: Carrsten Johan Thessen | Jan 20, 2010 4:22:27 AM

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