Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CRS Report: "An Overview of the Nonprofit and Charitable Sector"

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has recently issued An Overview of the Nonprofit and Charitable Sector (BNA, subscription required) (CRS Report R40919), written by Molly F. Sherlock and Jane G. Gravelle.  The report provides updated figures regarding the size of the nonprofit sector's economic footprint in the United States, the sources of charity revenues, and the relationship of the charitable sector with the government.  The report concludes by discussing various policy options, including "(1) increasing government grants and subsidies to charitable organizations; (2) creating an oversight agency within the federal government to gather data, conduct research, and advocate for the charitable sector; (3) implementing policies designed to help charities and foundations in economic downturns; (4) changing the itemized deduction for charitable contributions by limiting, converting to a credit, or making the deduction more widely available; and (5) a variety of other tax issues."

CRS does not make its reports publicly availables o copies of the reports are only currently available from paid sources such as BNA.  Hopefully, however, the report will shortly be available on one of the many sites that provide free access to CRS reports as they obtain copies of them.

UPDATE:  A commentator notes the report is now available for free on the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning website.


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The report is available on the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning website,

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