Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mory's a Charity?

This story may only be of interest to those who attended Yale at some point, but the Yale Daily News reports that the IRS has recognized Mory's, the historic eating club located in the heart of the Yale University campus, as a tax-exempt, section 501(c)(3) organization.  According to its website, "Morry's is, at its most elemental level, a private dining club, serving lunch and dinner to its members and their guests each Monday through Saturday."  I can only assume that is no longer completely accurate - or at least membership is not all that exclusive, even though it requires nomination by a current member.  Membership is open to a relatively broad array of people who are able to secure such a nomination, including both current and past students, faculty, and some staff. 

The IRS ruling has clear value to the organization - the same story reports that once the ruling became known it received $170,000 in donations over two days. 

(Full disclosure:  While I am not a Mory's member, I have eaten there once.  Since I was meeting with one of my references for my academic job search, I have to confess I remember very little except that it definitely had atmosphere (and was crowded)).



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