Monday, September 7, 2009

LSU & Tulane Approve New Orleans Public Teaching Hospital

Buried among the many stories covering the recent four year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans was an ambitious joint venture by Louisiana State University, Tulane University, and other area universities to build a new $1.2 billion public teaching hospital.  As reported by the Associated Press (in a story published on, the need for new hospital arose because Hurricane Katrina damage forced the closure of the LSU-run state Charity Hospital. 

Key to proceeding with the new hospital was a governance agreement among the participating schools that gave LSU four out of eleven board members at the nonprofit that will run the new hospital.  Tulane and Xavier University, which will also train medical students at the hospital, will each have one slot, and a third slot will rotate among three other New Orleans universities.  According to New Orleans Times-Picayune story, a six-member committee evenly divided between three LSU-appointed board members and the three board members chosen by the other schools will select the remaining four members, with the LSU member chair able to break tie votes.  These four members would be considered independent and not affiliated withe either any of the participating schools or any other area hospitals.


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