Friday, September 11, 2009

China--Experiments on Relaxing Social Organization Regulations Begun in Shenzhen Municipality

A report published by the China Trade Associations and Chambers of Commercesays that the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the government of Shenzhen, a southern city located in Guangdong Province, have signed an agreement under which they will attempt a reform in Shenzhen of parts of the social organization regulation (SO) system applicable throughout China. According to the agreement, some aspects of the 1998 regulations will no longer apply and new measures will replace them in this experimental project. The new measures include:

a. Trying to establish a system for social organizations to register directly with the civil affairs department instead of finding a competent business unit first.
b. Giving the Shenzhen civil affairs bureau the right to regulate foundations which are located in Shenzhen but have business both inside and outside China.
c. Giving the Shenzhen civil affairs department the right to accept registration of social organizations that have business throughout China (under the 1998 regulations national SOs are required to register with the national civil affairs bureau). 

Presumably some of the measures will be limited to trade associations and will not apply to all SOs.



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