Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UNC Charlotte receives $9.3 Million Gift from Philanthropists

Today's Charlotte Observer is reporting that philanthropists Leon and Sandra Levine on Tuesday announced that they will be donating $9.3 million to the University of North Carolina -- Charlotte ("UNCC").  The gift, which will span a ten-year period, will fund a merit scholarship program aimed at developing community service leaders. 

UNCC intends to put the gift to use almost immediately.  Fifteen students will receive Levine scholarships in the fall of 2010.  School administrators hope to have 60 such scholars on campus within four years.

UNCC Chancellor Philip Dubois called the scholarship "a watershed moment" for UNCC:

A scholarship initiative of this magnitude signals UNC Charlotte's maturation as an academic institution as we seek to compete with the best institutions in this state and this country for academic talent,” Dubois said. “…What makes this initiative so special, and so important, is its goal: To develop compassionate, ethical leadership for our region.

The Levine scholarship will cover all tuition and fees, housing and meals, books, a laptop computer, and funding for four summer experiences, as well as an $8,000 grant to support community service work over four years at UNCC. The value for in-state students will be about $90,000 and for out-of-staters more than $140,000.


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