Monday, August 24, 2009

Treasury Inspector General Recommends Stepped-up Fraud Enforcement by TE/GE

In a report issued on July 6, the Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration has recommended "a more corporate approach with centralized oversight" to improve tax fraud detection and enforcement in the exempt sector.  The report noted that TE/GE had implemented several changes in its fraud enforcement program in response to prior Inspector General audits.  These changes led to an increase in reported fraud cases from 11 in 2000-2002 to 48 in 2006-2008.  However, the changes were implemented by each of the five TE/GE offices without any centralized oversight, and it appears that one office was far ahead of the others in its fraud detection and management policies.  As a result, the Inspector General recommended more forceful direction "from the top" in implementing fraud policies. Exempt organizations can expect to see an increased emphasis on fraud within TE/GE as a result and organizations undergoing audits should be prepared to deal with this emphasis.


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