Monday, August 17, 2009

Rooney to Nonprofits: Learn the Triple P

The current economic climate and its effect on nonprofit organizations form the basis for another article in today's press.  Today's NonProfitTimes published an article by Patrick M. Rooney, Executive Director of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, in which the author counsels nonprofit organizations that rather than giving up in these difficult economic times, they should learn the triple P: be positive, pragmatic and proactive.

The article gives sound advice to nonprofit administrators on how to weather the current economic storm.  The following paragraph stands out:

Openness, honesty, transparency, accountability and communication are more vital than ever. As you examine budgets, processes and programs, make sure that key stakeholders, especially staff at all levels and board members, are invited into and engaged in an ongoing dialogue about difficult decisions. This will generate good ideas and good will, and will help create buy-in when tough decisions are made. When you tackle problems head on, openly and honestly, that in itself gives staff hope and confidence and contributes to trust, loyalty and perseverance.  

The article ends on a positive note:

Thoughtful, foresighted decisions in this difficult environment will increase the chances of survival now and build toward the organization’s long-term health and success.  


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