Thursday, July 9, 2009

Correction to States' Adoption of UPMIFA Post

Thanks to Prof Harvey Dale for correcting my previous assertion that only Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania have not enacted UPMIFA.  As Dale wryly notes:

New York has not adopted UPMIFA despite some energetic efforts to get it passed. The paralysis and dysfunction in Albany stalled those efforts and it seems very unlikely that UPMIFA will be enacted this session. The coalition supporting its enactment, however, will return to the fray when the situation seems more salubrious.

The mistake arose from my misreading of this helpful map on the Uniform Law Commission's website.  The states shown in pink and blue have introduced UPMIFA.  All the states shown in blue have enacted UPMIFA but not all the states shown in pink (where UPMIFA has been introduced) have actually enacted UPMIFA.  Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania are the only three states where UPMIFA has not even been introduced, but there are others that have not adopted UPMIFA.  Thanks Harvey.


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