Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Governance of UK Charities Report Reveals Problems

A think tank reports (free registration required) that governance at United Kingdom charities is in trouble for several reasons.  New Philanthropy Capital interviewed approximately 50 individuals with experience of being or working with trustees of charities other than grant-making charities and schools.  It found several problem areas, including: nearly half of charities have board vacancies; nearly half of trustees are age 60 or older; few charities provide instruction for or performance reviews of trustees; and most beneficiaries, funders, and regulators pay little attention to governance issues.  The report recommends increasing awareness among potential trustees that they can support charities by serving in this fashion, providing employees with a right to time off work for such service, creating a new body to improve education about the role of trustees, and urging particularly larger charities to institute regular board evaluations.



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