Thursday, April 9, 2009

Press Coverage of Dean Brennen

As we announced yesterday, our co-editor, David A. Brennen, has been named Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Law.  According to the Lexington-Herald:

He probably doesn't want me to say this, but if readers knew David's humble upbringing they would understand what a momentous achievement this is for David and the University of Kentucky.  David grew up in the same little country town as my wife so I know a little about it.  He didn't walk ten miles in the snow to school or anything like that, but frankly the barriers to Deanship at a top school for a knucklehead black boy from Alachua Florida are enormous.  No this is not the Presidency.  But that David has overcome those barriers is truly amazing.  I just hope he introduces me to Obama when he gets a chance.  Ok, enough of that.  Back to nonprofit stuff.

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