Friday, March 6, 2009

Update - Possible Settlement in the Feed The Children Court Battle

We blogged early yesterday, Thursday, March 5, that the national relief charity, Feed The Children, was currently embroiled in a battle between the founders of the charity and several board members.   It was later reported in The Oklahoman that same day that a settlement is likely in the dispute.  It seems like the recession could have hurried all sides to the table for a quick settlement.  The suit was just filed on January 30, 2009.  The founder, Larry Jones, in the earlier report of the dispute, expressed concern that fundraising initiatives of the board members had been unsuccessful and that he wanted to get back to what he does best, raise money for the charity’s purposes.  Below is an excerpt of the most recent story in The Oklahoman.

The legal fight for control of Feed The Children may be decided by a settlement.

Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish called off a hearing set for today because attorneys told her they were "exploring ways to resolve some or all of the issues.”

.   .   .

"The hearing ... has been postponed. The previous order remains in place, which allows Larry and the rest of the organization to continue carrying out their mission during this time,” said Jim Webb, an attorney for Jones and his wife. "The postponement provides necessary time to review the issues in this case."

For the full story, please click here.


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