Friday, February 6, 2009

UPMIFA in the Legislatures

After reading the student editorial advocating adoption of UPMIFA in Massachusetts, it seemed a good time to give an UPMIFA update.

Twenty-seven jurisdictions have adopted UPMIFA (26 states plus DC), with Ohio being the most recent adoption. Several legislatures are considering UPMIFA this session. UPMIFA has been introduced in Arkansas (SB 254), Hawaii (SB 121), North Dakota (1076), Maryland (HB 200), Mississippi (HB419/SB2335), Rhode Island (H 5244), Washington (HB 1119), Wisconsin (SB 31), Wyoming (HB 118). Workgroups are considering UPMIFA proposals in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and probably a few other states. UPMIFA explanatory materials, as well as a copy of the Uniform Act with comments, can be found at Some additional information is available on the NCCUSL website, although the list of bill introductions needs to be updated (many of these introductions have happened in the last couple of weeks).


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Can you offer any leads on how to find out more information about the workgroup considering the UPMIFA proposal in Massachusetts?

Posted by: Tiffany | Feb 25, 2009 1:08:44 PM

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