Thursday, February 19, 2009

The "Shovel-Ready" Nonprofit Projects

  The Institute for Policy Studies at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies has recently issued "Communique No. 12" entitled "Shovel-Ready but Stalled:  Nonprofit Infrastructure Projects Ready for Economic Recovery Support.  The report describes the results of a survey of nearly 2000 nonprofit organizations with projects ready to roll once fundingn is received.  The remarkable thing about the report is the implicit notion that nonprofits ought to be in as much a posture to compete for government spending as are other market participants.  Seems a bit unseemly to say that, but nonprofits do not exist in a separate world.  To survive, they will need to deploy their own army of PR professionals, much like (but on a smaller scale) the big three automakers, banks, and Wall Street investment firms. 


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