Monday, February 2, 2009

Student Reactions at Brandeis

Brandeis students held a multimedia exhibit last Friday, Jan. 30, on the Brandeis campus, using images from the Rose Art Museum and discussing how the closing will affect students. The student organizers described the show as "the beginning of a conversation on the nature of visual imagery and authenticity, the future of art at Brandeis, and how this weak decision can strengthen us as a community." The students have established a Facebook group: comeseeart. See the story in the Waltham paper, the Daily News Tribune.

Last week's edition of the student newspaper, Brandeis Justice, contains several articles and editorials on the closure of the Rose Museum. Most articles in the online edition generate one or two posted comments. The Rose closure had 54 comments posted when I checked. Most expressed sadness or anger or shock. One writer thought it was April Fool's Day.


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