Friday, February 6, 2009

Good News About Art

After yesterday's gloomy post about Senators who think that artists don't do "real work" and that funding for arts organization is "pork" in the stimulus package, it was reassuring to find an article in today's New York Times with some good news about arts organizations that are alive and well in New York.

The Altria Group (which used to be Philip Morris) has announced that it will donate 150 works of art to the Whitney Museum. The Altria Group has had a longstanding relationship with the Whitney but has had to stop its charitable arts financing this year. In addition to that major gift, the Whitney is able to continue its usual rate of acquisitions, through financial help from some donors and gifts of art from other donors. The Whitney typically acquires about 17 works from its biennials, and it was able to do so in 2008.

Out of the economic turmoil comes "X," a new nonprofit space in Chelsea. X will be used for traditional exhibitions, site-specific installations, lectures and other events. The first exhibition will feature "installations by artists whose work questions today's shifting economic climate."

The New Museum of Contemporary Art has announced that its first triennial will feature the works of young - and mostly unknown - artists. The Museum will release today a list of the 50 artists featured in the show, "the Generational: Younger than Jesus." The artists are international by birth and background and all are under age 33.

It's nice to end the week with some good news about art in New York, even for those of us who won't be able to see the exhibitions described in the article.


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