Saturday, February 21, 2009

Charity Governance Fight Brewing in Oklahoma

This story in the Oklahoman details a fight brewing over the governance of Feed the Children, an Oklahoma City-based charity known for the emotional fundraising appeals of its founder, Larry Jones. According to the story, in December the charity replaced five long-time board members, who have now filed a lawsuit asking for a ruling that their dismissal violated the charity's bylaws.

Maybe they shouldn't be so upset: the story also reports that the American Institute of Philanthropy, a nonprofit watchdog group, has routinely given the charity an "F" grade, in part because Feed the Children spends only 18% of its cash budget on program services, as opposed to 60% on fundraising appeals and has repeatedly refused to disclose more detail on its activities.


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It makes one wonder if the board members were being paid, and they are upset because they are not receiving part of the 82% of donations not used for the children. I would probably be happy not to be associated with such a low percentage of 18% just going towards the children. I does make one wonder during these terrible economic times the motivation of the removals and the financial benefits of any one involved with the organization. I am sure the public would appreciate the truth to all of it being it is a christian organization.

the children should be put first,

Posted by: christie | Mar 11, 2009 2:23:20 PM

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