Monday, February 23, 2009

Charities and Same Sex Unions

An interesting NY Times op-ed piece discussed (only in passing) the obligations charities have to comply with anti-discrimination laws.  The writers stated the following:

Further sharpening the conflict is the potential interaction of same-sex marriage with antidiscrimination laws. The First Amendment may make it unlikely that a church, say, would ever be coerced by law into performing same-sex wedding rites in its sanctuary. But religious organizations are also involved in many activities outside the sanctuary. What if a church auxiliary or charity is told it must grant spousal benefits to a secretary who marries her same-sex partner or else face legal penalties for discrimination based on sexual orientation or marital status? What if a faith-based nonprofit is told it will lose its tax-exempt status if it refuses to allow a same-sex wedding on its property?

Hmmmmm.  The op-ed piece goes on to state that "cases of this sort are already arising in the courts, and religious organizations that oppose same-sex marriage are alarmed."  Where are these cases, about which the writers speak?  Has anybody seen a case or are the writers engaging in hyperbole?


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I imagine the authors are referring to the Ocean Grove case, in which the NJ Civil Rights Division found that the org illegally refused to rent their property for a same-sex wedding.

Posted by: jpe | Feb 23, 2009 12:17:23 PM

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