Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nonprofits Step Up to Monitor the Election

Numerous nonprofits will spend today tracking possible problems at the polls and providing the public with the latest information.  For example, Video the Vote plans to post up to 1,000 video reports of such problems according to a Reuters report on media coverage of the election.  CNet reports that the Verified Voting Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have joined up to launch Our Vote Live, a project that will track election-related problems reported by voters.  And the Twitter Vote Report will also collect and track in real-time reports of such problems from across the country, according to an NPR report.  Now if I only didn't have to teach Election Law today - but at least it will be a small class, as I think half my students are serving as poll watchers, campaign legal team staff, or, in one case, as a candidate.



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