Thursday, September 11, 2008

IRS Issues New Instructions for Form 990-EZ

On September 10, 2008, the IRS announced that it was issuing new revised instructions for IRS Form 990-EZ that (among other things) raise the threshold for filing the 990-EZ to allow for easier transition to the new IRS Form 990.  Here is the IRS announcement about the change:

The Internal Revenue Service has released instructions for filing the 2008 Form 990-EZ.  The new form is mostly unchanged; however, it has been updated to include certain schedules from the new Form 990, which replace previously unstructured attachments.  A Background Paper - 990-EZ is also available. 

Filing thresholds for Form 990-EZ  have been significantly increased for 2008 and later years to allow organizations time to adjust to the new Form 990. Review the filing thresholds to determine whether an organization is eligible to file Form 990-EZ or must file the new Form 990 for 2008

For additional information, see the IRS announcements website at,,id=186630,00.html


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