Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Should Government Get More Involved with Nonprofits?

An interesting story today in the Washington Post regarding an effort by some nonprofit leaders to boost "strategic coordination" between government and the nonprofit sector. The apparent goal is to funnel more government money through the private nonprofit sector in order to address chronic societal problems. Not all (maybe even not most) nonprofit leaders think this is a good idea; governmental cooperation often becomes governmental control, as strings of one kind or another get attached to program funds. The next thing you know, nonprofits feel they can't exist without the government money and the strings that go with.

I'd give the nonprofit sector the same advice I always got from Grandma Della Colombo: be careful what you wish for. In this case, be VERY careful.



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absolutely not. if many foundations are only giving 4% of their tax-exempt invested dollars to charities --- then let them up the ante themselves. they can afford to spend another 4% or even 20% of their holdings - nevermind putting more pressure on the government that they are taking full advantage of for $500K salaries - while they say, those 'poor' people. see NCCS and Foundation Center national statistics on 2006 assets and distribution if you don't believe the 4%. It is simple math that someone is NOT watching.

Posted by: Velma | Aug 20, 2008 2:41:12 PM

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