Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Charities In Uganda Alleged To Fund Rebels

At the Fourth International NGO Accountability Conference on Tuesday, Uganda's Internal Affairs State Minister, Matia Kasaija, stated that intelligence reports have shown that some charities in Uganda fund rebels.

“This is very dangerous. We have enough evidence on this. We shall hit them hard. No one challenges the security of our country and is left unchallenged,” the minister warned.

Kasaija urged the charities to account for the funds they got from donors because “this helps us eliminate bad elements and avoid double allocation of resources.”

Kasaija made the remarks after receiving a petition from the participants from 12 countries urging the ministry to speed up the adoption of the draft NGO policy, The NGO Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism, which aims at promoting NGO adherence to generally accepted ethical standards and operational norms. The policy sets principles and standards of behavior for responsible practice to protect the credibility and integrity of certified NGOs and their networks in Uganda.

Click here for a June 10th article reporting on the opening of Uganda's national stakeholders' conference on the draft NGO policy.


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