Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nonprofit Hospital CEO's in New Hampshire Getting Paid Highs and Lows

According to a weekend article in the Concord Monitor, CEO's in New Hampshire make the least to the most amoungst hospital administrators: 

Pay for nonprofit hospital executives in New Hampshire ranges widely, from a salary less than that of a pediatrician to one higher than the best-paid surgeons, according to a review of tax records for the state's 25 acute care hospitals.  Those records reveal that Concord Hospital's Mike Green is among the best-paid hospital executives in the state. According to a filing made in 2007, he earned more than $730,000 in combined salary and benefits. On the low end of the scale is Louise McCleery, the CEO of the state's smallest hospital in Colebrook. McCleery makes just more than $125,000, and said she's grateful for what she gets.

The best part of the article is a data chart showing the wide variation in nonprofit hospital CEO salaries.  To the extent the hospitals themselves vary widely in characteristics, I suppose the larger salaries may be somewhat bullet-proof against an excess benefit challenge.  On the other hand, to the extent the variatins in salaries are based on the variations in hospital revenues, that seems a different story.  The 4958 excess benefit regs say that nonprofit CEO salaries are to be judged by looking to like organization in like circumstances (or something like that).  Does that mean the profitability of like for-profit hospitals are also relevant?


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