Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nina Crimm: Centralized "Terror-Free" Donor Advised Funds for Muslim-Americans

Nina Crimm has posted Muslim-Americans' Charitable Giving Dilemma: What About a Centralized Terror-Free Donor Advised Fund?" Here is the  abstract:

In the post-9/11 national security oriented environment, many Muslim-Americans face an inhospitable philanthropic environment and the dilemma of how to satisfy their religious charitable giving obligations and goals. The Article addresses the chilled philanthropic climate by suggesting that it might be moderated through the creation of a centralized terror-free donor advised fund aimed specifically at enabling Muslim-Americans discreetly to direct their diaspora philanthropy to needy Muslims in a few targeted regions and communities abroad. It presents the financial feasibility of, and the essential requirements for, creating such a terror-free donor advised fund. The Article suggests how the benefits of a terror-free donor advised fund would inure not only to Muslim-Americans and the neediest Muslims abroad, but also to the American public.

Sort of like the 21st century charitable giving analog to Japanese Internment camps, right?  I know this is a well-meaning proposal (and I admit I have not yet read the article) but lets not forget that it pertains to AMERICANS who are Muslims.  That we would ask one segment of American society to subject themselves to what, special security checks or application procedures(?) in order that they might engage in philanthropy and association merely because of their religion or ethnic heritage is troublesome on many many levels.  Better tread lightly here. 


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