Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gas Prices Up - Mileage Rates for Charity Work Aren't

The IRS announced in June that it would increase the mileage rate for business purposes, from 50.5 cents per mile to 58.5 cents.  The mileage rate for medical and moving also increased by 8 cents, from 19 cents per mile to 27 cent.  But the rate for charitable work remains at 14 cents per mile.  The mileage rates normally change just once a year, but the IRS adjusted the rate for July - December 2008, due in large part to the gas price increases.

See the IRS announcement.


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That is truly criminal, especially considering the beneficial work many non-profit and charities conduct. I would even venture to say that the miles being racked up by several for-profit businesses and individuals is probably not for as good of a cause. Unfortunately, especially during "crunch time" when we're finally figuring out the path we're heading down as far as gas and related costs, it will, at least for a while be business before charity. Sad news. Hope you post an update when positive changes are made.

Posted by: Suspended License | Jul 28, 2008 2:56:32 PM

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