Thursday, April 17, 2008

Report: Nonprofit Job Seekers Want For-Profit Deals

According to a report appearing in the April 15 NonProfit Times, while the current job market may be tightening, jobseekers who consider signing up with the nonprofit sector still have high expectations.

A recent survey conducted by Commongood Careers, a Boston-based nonprofit search firm, found that although job candidates wanted to find nonprofit jobs where they felt culturally connected to the organization's cause, they "still wanted the employment incentives and substantial career development characteristics of for-profit companies."  In the survey of 1,750 participants, 82 percent wanted to reach an executive-level role in their careers; 70 percent responded that "salary levels" were their primary concern with nonprofit employment.  Forty-five percent put "vacation policies" as a high-ranking priority when looking for a job.  More than 75 percent of those surveyed thought that nonprofits "had to immediately change" their techniques in recruitment and employment.


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