Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Habitat for Humanity Beneficiary, Spokesman and Success Story Dies Violently

The San Francisco Chronicle reported yesterday, on April 23, that a Habitat for Humanity Beneficiary from the 1990s, Mr. Ken Arthur, was recently found dead near his Habitat home in the Bayview community of San Francisco.  Mr. Arthur was described as a model father of three sons, and a very generous person who raised his family and two cousins in the Habitat home.  One of his sons is graduating from college in Tennessee next week, and Mr. Arthur was said to be very proud and excited about traveling with his family to the graduation.  See the excerpt below for more of the story:

Just last week, Ken Arthur told more than 500 people at the San Francisco Habitat for Humanity's annual fundraiser about his success.

The 46-year-old father of three had overcome poverty after becoming the city's first homeowner in the charitable program 12 years ago, he said. Now, after raising his family, he was giving the mayor an award. It was a proud time for Arthur - he invited everyone at the event to fly with him to Tennessee next month for his son's college graduation.

Early Monday, Arthur was found stabbed to death in the street, just blocks from the Habitat home in the Bayview neighborhood that he and his family helped refurbish and moved into in 1996.

His family and Habitat leaders expressed shock Tuesday at Arthur's violent death, mourning him as a model family man who, with his wife, raised three sons and three cousins at the home on Van Dyke Avenue. Arthur had championed the Habitat program that helped his family thrive.

"I was sitting here, literally crying all day," said Phillip Kilbridge, executive director for Habitat's San Francisco program. "It just shocks me - he was the most gracious, wonderful guy in the world. He was the most amazing guy. He was such a role model for his sons."

He added, "Ken's life needs to be honored and memorialized. His story is so much more than the city's (latest) homicide."

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