Monday, February 4, 2008

Survey Shows Minnesotans Trust Charities

A survey conducted in Minnesota by the Charities Review Council and the Survey Research Center at St. Cloud State University shows that Minnesotans have a high level of trust in the charities they support.  The goal was to determine the level of trust in charities and how that affects giving decisions.  Some highlights of the findings:

  • 42% thought employees of charities should receive wages comparable to for-profit employees and 34% thought they should be paid less
  • 83% believe Minnesota charities are ethical
  • 58% thought charities wasted a great deal or a fair amount of money, but Minnesotans thought charities wasted less than government or private business  (79% for government and 68% for private business)
  • three times as many believe that charity watchdog groups should play a larger role in oversight of charities as believe government should increase regulation
  • most think charities do a good job of running their programs


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