Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nonprofits Cash In On Questionable Political Contributions

According to a February 20, 2008, report in NPT Weekly, nonprofit organizations have been benefiting from questionable political contributions made to this election's presidential candidates.  As campaigns have sought to distance themselves from donors who have found themselves beset with legal troubles, these campaigns have been turning the contributions over to nonprofit organizations. 

Almost a dozen nonprofits have already benefited from a controversy involving a donor to the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton.  The New Jersey State Democratic Committee has donated almost $50,000 received from Norman Hsu -- who was sentenced to three years in prison in a 1992 fraud case -- to various nonprofit entities.  Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign has divested $850,000 that Hsu raised for the campaign. 

As regards Sen. Clinton's rival for the Democratic Party nomination, the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama has said it would donate more than $40,000 -- contributions received from a former friend and fundraiser who pleaded not guilty to fraud charges -- to nonprofit organizations.


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